Yes, I 'stole' your email from

  • So you know ?

    The site where you can join groups and meet like minded folks around a particular theme. It's got ~ 200K groups. ~ 10M users ~ $15M in revenue.

  • What did I do ?

    I joined a group that I found interesting and related to my business. It had 1000+ members. On each member's profile, was their email address and phone number. So I took it. Now not really stealing, isn't it ?

  • Why did I do it ?

    I wanted to connect with each member individually. But obviously, manually opening up every member's profile, getting their email address, and then composing an email and sending it out turned out a bit tedious and time consuming. So I decided to automate part of the process, and scraped the emails.

  • How did I do it ?

    Inspected the request Meetup was making to fetch each member's page and then I simulated it using Ruby ( my favourite language for scraping ). It took a while to remove the unnecessary parameters from the curl request and keep the scraper minimal, passing exactly only what was required and nothing more.

  • Can someone else do it too ?

    Yes! I have put up the code and steps on Github. If you need any help running it/or have comments about the code, you can raise an issue on Github and I will get back.

  • NOTE

    With scraping power, comes 'no spamming' responsibility. So do not use these emails to spam, ok? please!. Build beautiful 1-1 relationships instead !

Murtuza Kutub

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Chennai, India

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