10 reasons why you SHOULD NOT write tests for your code

There's enough chitter chatter all over the internet asking you to write tests for your code.

TDD, BDD blah blah ....

The folks that are saying those things are holding close to themselves a secret. Which is

Never write tests

Here's why :P :

  • Embrace chaos
  • If not fixing hot production issues, what else would you be doing during those sleepless nights?
  • Tests make code easier to understand, and hence easier to takeover.
  • You don't want to be cruel and take away jobs from manual testers.
  • I ain't got no time. Got a tonne of features to build!
  • Coz this is how you got the codebase. And you're not going to make it easier for the next person :)
  • Coder's block ? I'm too awesome for that man!
  • We all love Jenga, don't we ?

Oops, there were supposed to be 10 reasons. Well, this post wan't tested/proofread either :)

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