Kickstart Android Development

I'm starting to learn android development, so hopefully there will be more posts here on things I learn along the way.

Lucky to have a friend who is a really good android developer, so can get my questions answered immediately :)


When you google Android development on Mac you'll see a list of articles (including the official Android Developer's page) suggesting you to download Eclipse ADT with Android SDK.

And I did that, and wasted few hours trying to download the necessary packages required for an android virtual device manager (this builds the emulator, for you to test your app on your computer).

You dont need an emulator, if you're always going to be testing on a real device. But I think it's still helpful if you want to test your app functionality across multiple android devices with different android versions.

Here's what you should download instead :

  1. Android Studio instead of the Eclipse ADT
  2. GenyMotion instead of manually setting up virtual devices/emulators

Once you've done that,

  1. Delete all the existing virtual devices that you may have created using the Eclipse Android Virtual Device Manager (Ignore if you're just setting things up as mentioned above)

  2. Launch GenyMotion and select a virtual device from the list of devices it offers, to create a virtual device.

That's it! You're all set to kickstart android development!

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