3 reasons why the IceBucketChallenge succeeded

The IceBucketChallenge recently crossed $100M in funds raised.

Just makes me wonder, how exactly was this cause able to raise these funds, given that most of the people who donated have no direct to ALS, or had not heard of it before the IBC campaign.

There are definitely some things to learn from the way the campaign rocketed.

ice bucket challenge Here is why I think ALS IBC was able to raise so much!

  1. At the end of the challenge, you are supposed to call out names of 3 others, whom you challenge to take the IBC and donate to the cause. This is unlike the usual share on facebook or retweet.
    Because you are calling out names of 3 specific people, they are almost forced to take the challenge. They just can't ignore it.

  2. The campaign made 'donating' fun. You had to do 'something' apart from giving away money. Something that you wouldn't do normally.

  3. At the very early stages of the campaign, it received support from a lot of celebrities, who took the challenge and posted their videos on facebook/instagram. People then just had to follow suit.

Can other organizations create campaigns for similar causes using these principles too? We'll find out soon.

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