Are you riding on Rails then?


I am writing this with specifically Ruby on Rails in mind, but I think this applies for almost any technology/programming language.

So, What's your experience?

You may have seen job openings on Stackoverflow, Github, 37 signals, toprubyjobs etc. Most of them have requirements, where they state the minimum no. of years of experience, like 1-2 years, or 3-4 years or whatever.

So I was wondering, what exactly is it that they are looking for? They definitely wouldnt care how 'long' you have spent with Rails as long as you'd have skills that one would expect you to have if you'd worked for that long.

In my Rails developer Growth Chart Github repository, I have tried to list Rails concepts, along with the experience level (at which you should definitely know that concept)

This should probably act as a guide for beginners to move to Intermediate stages, and Intermediate devs to Senior Ruby/Rails devs stages, and Senior devs to Rockstars/ninjas or unicorns or whatever.

Help me fill it out by sending in a Pull Request.

Murtuza Kutub

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