LinkedIn message notification improvements

Warming up

When you get a message on LinkedIn, you get an in-site notification near your messages icon on top right(on th web), and you also get an email notification(with the content from the message).


Today, I got 2 messages on LinkedIn. I also got the email version of it (which I read). Now when I log in to LinkedIn, I still see those 2 messages as notifications.


  1. LinkedIn should track which of its email notifications have been opened, and mark them as read, and not show them to me as a notification again on the site.

  2. If that's too hard, atleast give me the option to 'Mark Read/Ignore' the message, and clear those notifications, without forcing me to open that message. Right now I am only allowed to 'Reply' to the message or 'Delete' the message.


Apart from that, the only way I can get that number back to 0 , is by either deleting the message (which is something I don't like doing), or Replying to message( I may not want to, at that moment). Or by going to the messages list page, select those messages, and then mark them as read. Thats an extra page that I need to go to.

Hope LinkedIn makes these changes, or can think of a better way to sort this.

If there is any easy way to do the same, do let me know!

Murtuza Kutub

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Chennai, India

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