Managing Quora Notifications

I follow multiple questions and topics on Quora, which leads to accumulation of more than 100 notifications everyday. Some notifications are about new answers, and some are about new questions being added to the topics I follow.

Problem :

How do I categorize these 100+ notifications that I receive on a daily basis, into Questions, Answers and other miscellaneous notifications ( like Follows, edits/ comments made to answers etc.) Also, how do I sub categorize them down to notifications related to specific topics/questions. So that I can clear the ones I am not interested in and focus on the ones that I want to read.

Solution :

I had been procrastinating solving this problem / frustration of mine for a month. Until one day I sat down and started coding it.

I built a Chrome extension (have been lazy to publish it to the store), which you can find here on Github

How to use :

Checkout the code from the above link. Then type chrome://extensions/ on your browser. Check the developer mode radio button. Click on load unpacked extension, and point it to the folder where you checked out the code.

The extension becomes active on your page.

All you need to do is click on the extension, which is the Quora logo, and watch all your notifications get categorized. (This will cause scrolling on your page, this is to load and categorize all notifications, even the ones which are not on this page.)

Preview :

This is how my 700+ notifications got categorized.
Categorized Quora Notifications

Another feature I use a lot is the ability to close all notifictions related to a specific topic (Example I can clear all notifications which are due to addition of new questions in Algorithms)

Similarly I can close all notifications which are due to new answers for the question Which are the hottest startups in India

Benefits :

I really enjoyed doing this, for a few reasons:

  1. Plain pure joy of solving a problem !
  2. I got to learn a lil bit of Javascript and building Chrome extensions on the way.
  3. Taking an idea to completion involved a lot more than I thought initially.

The styling is really bare minimal on this one. If you fix the design, do send me your pull request.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this extension.

Murtuza Kutub

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Chennai, India

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